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Just another resource for the highly introverted, ex alcoholic/addict, practicing Buddhist with Aspergers who runs ultramarathons in the mountains and in the desert site.



Election Day. 95 degrees in sunny LA. I came back from a short run, took a shower, and turned on the TV, …

Sandias at Sunset

Watermelon Mountains

I am sitting in a kitchen on the edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico, looking out the window at the Sandia Mountains. It …

New Mexico Storm

Desert Beauty

“Each thing in its way, when true to its own character, is equally beautiful.” –Edward Abbey, Cliffrose and Bayonets Driving back to …

Western States Course

Western Time

It’s six days before Western States. 105 degrees today. I headed up Sunset Trail from Chaney Trail head, running some, trudging mostly, …


Calico 50K, 2016

Calico 50K was the first ultra I ever ran, six years ago. My bib number for that race was 666, which disturbed …

Trans Canada Highway

The Old Man’s Last Winter

The old man is dying. This is a series of notes I wrote while visiting him in Canada. Return of the Prodigal …

Salton Sea

Smell the Barn

The old man isn’t getting any better. “Experience Vibrant Seniors Living!” says the brochure for Rocky Ridge Retirement Community. It doesn’t seem …

Mt. Williamson, peak

The Happy Hill

The Happy Hill. Halfway down Mt. Williamson I passed a little kid hiking up with his family. “Is the hill happy or …

Salton Sea, 2004

Slow the Fuck Down

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody …