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Race Reports

I run ultramarathons: distances from 50K (32 miles) to 50 miles to 100 miles, and most everything in between, in the desert, in the mountains, on rough singletrack trails as much as possible. This is a collection of race reports, including Calico 50K in the Calico Mountains, Angeles Crest 100 in the San Gabriels, Mt. Dissapointment 50K, also in the San Gabriels, Old Goats 50 and Chimera 100 in Cleveland National Forest, Bishop High Sierra 100K, Javelina Jundred, Quad Rock 50, Black Canyon 100, and others.


Jemez Mountain 2017

New Mexico Clouds There are extraordinary clouds hanging over the Sandias right now. There are always extraordinary clouds in New Mexico. The …

Me at Fish Hatchery

Zane Grey 2017

Payson Arizona Thursday evening. The 28th annual Zane Grey 50 plus miler. I’m here for the third time. I first ran this …


Calico 50K, 2016

Calico 50K was the first ultra I ever ran, six years ago. My bib number for that race was 666, which disturbed …


Zane Grey 50 Race Report

Payson, Arizona. I’m always surprised by the the beauty of Arizona. What comes to mind when I think of the state are …

Jussi Hamalainen & Garry Curry, mile 6. Garry's last AC100.

Ashes: AC100 2014 Race Report

Friday morning, 9am, August 1, sitting in my driveway waiting for a ride out to Wrightwood. I’m writing in a list notebook …

Me, crossing stream

Shadow of the Giants 2014

Tuni the Mexican Wonderdog was living outside a seafood restaurant in Mexico when Heather found him. He’s 11 now, and just about …

Sandstone, mile 30

Coyote Backbone 68 Miler

I set up camp at the finish line the day before. Full moon, in my tent at the finish line at LA …

Scree, mile 18

Calico 50K, 2014

The race begins with a two mile or so gentle downhill, and then there’s about 16 miles of gradual uphill. I don’t …