Run to the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign

Sunday morning, 6:30 am, a small bunch of us gathered at A Runner’s Circle for the monthly run to the Hollywood Sign. I was running on tired legs – this was my third hill run in as many days – so I happily volunteered to sweep. A few of our small crew are great road runners, but not so experienced at trails or hills, and the 13-mile-run kinda kicked their asses. For me, it was 26 miles and 4,300 feet up hill in 3 days; my legs were missing a bit of zip when we were done. After the run, pancakes at EAT.

Summer came late this year, only lasted 2 weeks, and by the end of August it was already Fall. Odd. Usually these are summer’s hottest days. The foggy, cool, humid autumn morning was perfect for a beautiful run with friends.

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